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Out of all of the herbal supplements

Out of all of the herbal supplements on the market today, Ginseng is the most widely used. In earlier times Ginseng went by a different name, “man root.” because the root resembled that of the shape of a man. To this day many people believe in the powers of Ginseng as they believe that it has healing and mystical powers. The Ancient Chinese thought that when a plant resembles a human body part that it would have a healing effect on that part of the body. In other words if a plant resembled a hand it would have the ability to heal the hands. But since Ginseng resembles the entire body it is thought that is can bring balance and well being to the whole body.

Ginseng contains complex carbohydrates, is an anti inflammatory, an anti oxidant, and has anti cancer elements. Notice today that many energy drinks contain Ginseng which is because it is known for creating energy, this was brought to the forefront by the Chinese but Americans have a different plan for Ginseng which is use it for mental lucidity and treating stress. There has been a growing relationship between Ginseng and its ability to strengthen physically as well as mentally and maintain good balance.

It was the Russians who actually made that discovery however the Asians have discovered that Ginseng helps mental improvement, eliminates anemia, and helps prevent diabetes, neurosis, coughs, asthma, and TB. Further they found that it can be very beneficial to the liver and can also reduce the effects significantly of a hangover.

There has been more recent research on Ginseng than on any other herbal supplement, ever. The concern is that many times when people purchase Ginseng at various stores it may have been over processed and therefore not as effective. The best way is to make sure that you are purchasing authentic Ginseng and in order to do that you may have to purchase the Ginseng root. Oddly enough, with all of the research and studies that have been conducted on Ginseng the FDA has yet to endorse it. It is known that people who suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, bleeding or clotting disorders, or diabetes should not use Ginseng unless they speak with their physician first.

While it is true that Ginseng is most widely recognized as a medicinal herb it is also used quite frequently in teas and in cooking. Most people are aware of the infamous Ginseng tea but many are not aware that Ginseng is sliced and put into soups and often boiled and mashed, added to stir fry dishes, and added to boiling water when making rice. It is much more common for cooking in Chinese, Korean, and Asian foods.

Often Ginseng is used when cooking chicken and mushroom dishes. Many people also use it in desserts for some added zing. It is often used in soups, salads, and even jellies. It seems that most people who enjoy the benefits of Ginseng for cooking are vegetarians but it might be becoming more popular since people are now learning the true benefits of this very popular herb.

Thyme is a very popular

Thyme is a very popular and well known culinary herb. It is a very decorative plant while it is growing and is also very easy to grow as well but be prepared because bees just love Thyme. Many people use Thyme in stews, salads, meats, soups, and vegetables. Thyme is a very common household herb and is a member of the mint family. The plant is very aromatic and comes in many varieties. Thyme is a frequently used herb in many fish dishes. Oddly enough as much as honey bees love to suck the nectar from the Thyme plant is as much as other insects loathe it. Some people have been known to make a mist spray of Thyme and water and use it as a bug repellent.

Various forms of Thyme are available year round but many people prefer to grow their own. Nothing beats the smell and taste of fresh Thyme as long as you know to pick it just as the flowers appear. Once fresh Thyme is harvested it should be stored in either a plastic bag in the crisper or stood straight up in a glass of water on the shelf in the refrigerator for easy access.

The bad news, fresh Thyme does not have a very long shelf life, you will be lucky if it last a week. If you have selected fresh Thyme and decide to dry it then simply hang it upside down in a warm and dry atmosphere for about a week to ten days. Then you can crumble it into a powdery form and stored in a sealed dark container for no more than six months. You want to eliminate the stems as they have a tendency to have a woody taste to them.

Thyme has some medicinal purposes as well as an antiseptic, an expectorant, and deodorant properties as well. When combined with fatty meats Thyme has been known to aid in digestion too, especially with lamb, pork, and duck. Herbal medicine has used Thyme for various things such as extracts, teas, compresses, for baths, and for gargles. More modern medicine has chimed in and verified that Thyme just might strengthen the immune system.

Distilled Thyme oils have been used for the commercial use of antiseptics, toothpaste, mouthwash, gargle, hair conditioner, dandruff shampoo, potpourri, and insect repellant. It is also used in the production of certain expectorants that are prescribed for whooping cough and bronchitis. Thyme has also been used in part as an aphrodisiac and in aromatherapy oils as well.

If by some chance you are in the middle of cooking recipes that calls for Thyme and you find that you are out do not fret, it is said that you can use a pinch of oregano as a substitute if you have to. Thyme is very often used when cooking European cuisine but is essential for the correct preparation of French foods as it has that faint lemony taste to it. It has also been said that Thyme is one of the only herbs that a cook can not over season with because the flavor is so mild. Thyme is a primary spice that everyone should have stocked in their pantry.

Golden Seal is a perennial herb

Golden Seal is a perennial herb that is part of the Buttercup family. Golden Seal is used for a lot of medicinal purposes in a variety of ways both topically as well as internally. There are actually quite a few ways to purchase Golden Seal, in a bulk powder, salve, tincture, or a tablet. Internally it is a great digestion aid and if gargled with it has been known to remove canker sores.

Golden Seal has been around since times of the European conquest of America but has remained very strong because even today it is used for anti-catarrhal, anti inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, bitter tonic, laxative, and muscular stimulants. Herbalists say that if you are trying to ease gastritis, colitis, duodenal ulcers, loss of appetite, and liver disease, Golden Seal is what you might want to look into which is available at all herbal supplement stores. Golden Seal is very bitter so it stimulates bile secretions, stimulates the appetite, and aids in digestion.

Golden Seal has been around since the mid 19th century but is now threatened because Golden Seal is one of the most over harvested herbs. It keeps getting harvested and harvested but never replaced. Golden Seal which also goes by the name Yellow Root is often combined with Echinacea and prepared for easing the symptoms of colds. It is the underground root of Golden Seal that is harvested and dried to make teas and both liquid and solid extracts that are then turned into bulk powder, capsules or tablets.

Scientists claim that there is no evidence to support the use of Golden Seal for any ailments or medical condition whatsoever because of the very small amount of berberine that Golden Seal contains. Regardless of scientific claims, Golden Seal is one of the most widely sold herbs on the market today.

Although a very controversial subject, many people believe that the reason that Golden Seal is standing solid ground in the marketplace is because it is used primarily for the purpose of masking positive drug screens for people who are required to take drug tests for work or through law enforcement agencies. Many claims there is no validity to this claim but still many people are buying it because a friend told them that it worked and for that matter it is promoted in High Times magazine for the sole purpose of covering bogus drug screens. The claim is that because THC which is the active ingredient in marijuana is fat soluble it stores itself in the kidneys and becomes water soluble. Two to three days prior to a drug screen, you get some Golden Seal, follow the directions and it’s a guaranteed pass.

If Golden Seal is one of the most popular herbs on the market today then someone has to be keeping them in business and it is true that many people are turning to herbal remedies in an attempt to heal themselves naturally rather than load up with a bunch of prescriptions that have nasty side effects.

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Gemstones in jewelry-Amethyst understanding

This first article will discuss the properties of amethyst stone. The color purple is the most popular choice for jewelry and combined brilliantly with yellow and white gold, but it is important to understand the limitations of the stone and how can cure Amethyst jewelry.

Amethyst is a member of the quartz group and can occur in a number of colors and shades, as mentioned earlier, that is the deep purple colored stone that is most commonly used in jewelry as bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings. Purple is a Royal color, which explains why this stone is also referred to as ‘ the stone of Bishops ‘. Amethyst is commonly in Brazil, although there are mines in Canada, India, Sri Lanka and Zambia. Amethyst’s name comes from the Greek word amethystos ‘ ‘ which means ‘ not intoxicated ‘, is often considered to be a strong antidote against drunkenness and goblets of wines were historically carved from this versatile gemstone.

Popularized by its deep color and its economy, is the ideal stone for use in jewelry designs. Wide tonal range from light dark purple and the availability of a wide range of shapes and sizes that lend themselves to creative designs and cuts are powerful reasons to use this stone for jewelry beautiful designs and why it’s a popular choice. Often the stone will be set in designs like round brilliant cut and this really improve the deep purple tones of this beautiful stone.

Gemstones are measured on the Moh’s scale, which measures the relative hardness of the stones on a scale of 1 to 10. Diamonds are the hardest to 10 but the Amethyst is not far behind a relatively rigid, 7. The Moh scale takes into account the scratchability of stone and a relatively hard stone is perfect for use in all types of jewelry.

While the Amethyst is a relatively sturdy stone it is advisable, as in any jewelry, that item is removed when doing any heavy work to protect the stone from damage. We recommend that the item is removed by cleaning or coming into contact with products like the scent. To keep your jewelry looking the best they can be cleaned with hot soapy water and a soft brush.

I hope this article goes some way to explain the properties of amethyst stones and the best way to care for your jewelry. With proper care and a solid understanding of the properties of the stone, I’m sure you will like wearing Amethyst jewelry collection for many years to come.

After working in the jewelry sector for a number of years it has become apparent that the popularity of stone jewelry is always increasing, however sometimes the properties and limits of the stones are not fully understood. View the site Chapelle to see the entire range of jewellery, gemset and wonderful range of designs of amethyst.

What you need to know about engagement rings

If you’re looking for info to buy an engagement ring for your loved one, so first of all, let me congratulate you. Happy occasion is around the corner. You’re in the right place. Some valuable information related to it is discussed in the below post. I hope that helps.

Buy a perfect ring for engagement requires some great ideas. And ideas are just after some searching and reading; I see you’re doing now.

There is no doubt that a diamond ring is the next best thing when it comes to engagement rings. There are varieties of diamond available on the market today. There were days when the diamond was considered as a friend of the rich, but now with the changing world it’s a luxury to have a diamond engagement ring. There is something for everyone based on their budget.

Tips for buying engagement rings

-It is very important that you know the taste of those who wear it before buying an engagement ring. A woman is very attentive to his choice; has its own style statement. So it is very important that you know your woman and her choice before choosing a ring for her.

-Engagement rings are available in various styles, shapes and sizes. There is no hard and fast rule that you consider a certain style and forms for the purchase of the ring. Since there are various types of diamond rings available in the market today, you will surely find a good ring that is as unique as your girlfriend is so take some time out visiting various shops and select the best piece.

-If your girlfriend is a working woman, then you also need to consider the fact that she would love to sport a ring that would be nice and shiny. If you can shell out the extra amount that you might also want to consult a jewellery designer to find something that will match the personality of your lady love. This is a sure shot way to grab all his love and attention

-There are also countless online jewelry sites that have different brands and breathe taking. It’s not just limited to choices, more often than not bust that these sites offer huge discounts that are sure to save lots of money. You never know who you might be lucky to purchase two rings for the price of one.

-The diamond is a gem that is worn long life as a powerful symbol of devotion, love, commitment and celebration. So not only regarded as a gemstone, any other gift. There are feelings that are associated with this piece precious jewel, give your best and keep it alive until eternity.


With commitment begins a new chapter in life that is characterized by beautiful engagement rings exchanged by the couple. So, it is very important to choose the best for your loved one. Consider the tips above, buy the best engagement ring and bring glory to the happy occasion.

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Cotton is all created equal? The Top 2 things you want to know the next time you buy cotton clothing

Many of us have heard of dirty dozen that are “must Buy” as organic. Meaning that pesticides residues are larger on those twelve foods. And, if you buy them organic, avoid putting chemical toxins in your body.

But what about the cotton we wear? It really makes a difference if it is organic?

Consider this; the skin is the largest organ of your body. It is a living organism, which exudes, hair, moisturizes, hydrates, Burns, fades, scars and heals.

Cotton is an ideal material for comfort and his ability to breathe with the body.

But, what I didn’t realize, and one cannot know are the levels of pesticides used in the elaboration of this precious commodity.

Here are a two jaw-dropping statistics from our friends at White apricot;

1. Traditional cotton is the second most pesticide loads picked up worldwide! (accounting for about 25% of pesticide use in the world).

2. you take 1/3 pound of chemicals (including cyanide, dicofol, naled, sulfite ester insecticides and trifluralin-all known to cause cancer) to grow traditional enough to make just one cotton t-shirt. Whaat?

Organic cotton on the other hand is tilled in soil certified pesticides and herbicides-free, using organic agriculture methods, which produce healthy tissue, preserving the quality of our water and prevent toxins from entering the human food chain in the form of cotton seed and other byproducts. ”

In turn, not only organic cotton produces a product that is healthier against your skin, the organic process eliminates the fallout is harmful to our environment which can cause traditional agriculture.

So the obvious question is why not all Discount this way?

The short answer is that the results and returns with organic farming is less certain and in turn more expensive.

From chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers are not permitted in organic farming, the job becomes more intense. crop rotation, beneficial insects introduced and monitored, composting, are some of the methods used. All are extremely successful, but not without risks.

There is a lot of hard work that goes into all farmed products, but I’m finding, and it can be agreed that organic farmers are a special breed, with a lot of heart!

I hope that you will join me in making the organic choice number one.

If so, be sure that the products are GOTS certified organic or OTA. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misleading information out there. The products labeled “natural” “eco-friendly” “sustainable”, or even calling them “organic” when they cannot gives you the quality standards that they imply.

Three Questions to Ask Your Knee Surgeon

Are you an athlete who has been the victim of a severe leg injury? If so, then you are most likely preparing to undergo some kind of surgical procedure. If you are, then there are a few questions that you should be sure to ask your knee surgeon before the procedure. Surgery can be a frightening experience, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you know what to expect in advance of your operation, you will be much more likely to handle the procedure well. You should find out from your doctor the details of the procedure, the expected recovery time, and what life will be like after the surgery.

The Procedure:

Prior to your surgery, you should sit down with your knee surgeon and ask him or her to describe the procedure that you are about to have. If you know precisely what the doctor is going to do, then this will help you to prepare yourself mentally for what is to come. The more mentally prepared you are, the more likely you will be to handle the stress of surgery, and this can go a long way in helping the procedure to be a success.

Recovery Time:

You should also talk candidly with your knee surgeon about the expected recovery time for the sort of operation that you are having. While everyone heals at a different rate, your doctor should be able to give you a good idea as to how long you will be out of commission. He or she will also be able to tell you what to expect during your recovery, and this can be a huge benefit. The more information you have about your recovery in advance, the better able you will be to prepare for the weeks after your surgery.

Getting Back to Normal:

Finally, you should ask your knee surgeon to give you his or her honest opinion about the extent of your recovery. You will want to have an idea of what to expect with respect to life after your surgery. In most cases, these operations are such that you will be able to completely regain the strength and range of motion that you had before your injury. However, you will want to speak with your doctor in order to find out just how likely a full recovery is. Once again, the more information you have, the better prepared you will be.

Three Questions to Ask Your Knee Surgeon

Are you an athlete who has been the victim of a severe leg injury? If so, then you are most likely preparing to undergo some kind of surgical procedure. If you are, then there are a few questions that you should be sure to ask your knee surgeon before the procedure. Surgery can be a frightening experience, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you know what to expect in advance of your operation, you will be much more likely to handle the procedure well. You should find out from your doctor the details of the procedure, the expected recovery time, and what life will be like after the surgery.

The Procedure:

Prior to your surgery, you should sit down with your knee surgeon and ask him or her to describe the procedure that you are about to have. If you know precisely what the doctor is going to do, then this will help you to prepare yourself mentally for what is to come. The more mentally prepared you are, the more likely you will be to handle the stress of surgery, and this can go a long way in helping the procedure to be a success.

Recovery Time:

You should also talk candidly with your knee surgeon about the expected recovery time for the sort of operation that you are having. While everyone heals at a different rate, your doctor should be able to give you a good idea as to how long you will be out of commission. He or she will also be able to tell you what to expect during your recovery, and this can be a huge benefit. The more information you have about your recovery in advance, the better able you will be to prepare for the weeks after your surgery.

Getting Back to Normal:

Finally, you should ask your knee surgeon to give you his or her honest opinion about the extent of your recovery. You will want to have an idea of what to expect with respect to life after your surgery. In most cases, these operations are such that you will be able to completely regain the strength and range of motion that you had before your injury. However, you will want to speak with your doctor in order to find out just how likely a full recovery is. Once again, the more information you have, the better prepared you will be.

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4 Reasons for women with hair loss

The advent of having thinning hair affects both men and women. This illness was seen to affect only men. On the contrary, thinning hair not only affects men, but more on the queenside.

Thinning hair usually appears when women begin aging over the years. These years usually happen between 50 and 60 years after thinning hair starts to become a problem.

Symptoms are usually pretty easy to spot. After a nights rest can be one of the first indicators of having hair loss, looking at the pillow. Also, combing the hair that leaves an excessive amount of hair left on the ropes comb is also another sign of a possible problem.

But getting back to basic issues of women have hair loss can be broken up into 4 main reasons why it happens.

Reason 1. The environment in which we work or that we submit ourselves mentally and physically with can definitely be a culprit in the war against hair loss. Thinning hair is a subtle warnings that stress can inflict upon a head of hair. Stress can take many forms such as financial obligations, death of a family member or any other kind of emotional impact that affects a person deeply.

Reason 2. The problem of hormones have too much testosterone within the body can be a primary cause of thinning hair as well. As our bodies mature, testosterone levels seem to increase. It is known that having higher levels of testosterone brings amazing levels of hair growth.

Reason 3. This heritage is something that no one has any kind of control. The best antidote for this is following a path of genealogy to track down relatives who have tried to remedy the situation. Genetic hair loss can be inherited from parents. But following the line of descent from either parent can also help in defining a viable treatment plan.

Reason 4. Diet the food we eat affects our minds and our bodies. Our bodies need nutrition to provide our scalp with a sound foundation to grow your hair as normal. The lack of rest, sleep and proper food will cause hair problems. One of the best ways to get started on the right track is drinking water on a daily basis. Drink a glass of water in the morning, at lunch and dinner is a great start.

Thinning hair is not as bad as being bald. But the warning to take seriously. I have listed 4 reasons why this could happen and certainly there are a lot more to deal with. But once these symptoms appear type, then you must intervene.

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Learn the Scope of Black Cohosh Side Effects

Plants are not merely attractive. They will also be eaten, and plenty of plant options have medicinal properties that you should utilize in case you are not much of a fan of medicine. In reality, a number of manufacturers of medication are already doing numerous experiments to tap into the health benefits provided by plants. You’ve probably heard of cough syrups which were made out of plant extracts. And then of course you can find the countless tea selections from the plant barks and leaves which were dried out and treated. Due to the benefits they will supply and the absence of critical unwanted effects, you should begin looking for useful plants.

Black cohosh has been used by Native Americans when coping with women’s health problems such as menstrual cramps. It may also be utilized against hot flashes. Adding to that, arthritis, sore throat, indigestion, cough, and muscle pain may also be fixed by means of natural healing by using black cohosh. Putting on the juice of the plant onto the skin can help ease snake bites and repel insects.

The time of menopause gets closer as women get older. Black cohosh is not only helpful when you are in the conditions already mentioned, since it could also make it easier to soothe menopausal symptoms. Employing this plant like a nutritional supplement might help alleviate mood swings, vaginal dryness, and night sweats too. The generally valuable areas of a plant would be the barks and leaves, yet the productive ingredient of this plant can be found on the roots. Dried out or fresh, the roots and rhizomes are manufactured into teas, capsules, extracts, and tablets.

Although there is insufficient proof to explain on it, the active ingredient called 26-deoxyactein is assumed to function by offering estrogen-like activity. What’s acknowledged is that it is a popular remedy versus menopausal symptoms, which all women will sooner or later have to endure. Heart palpitations and migraines, which may be additional symptoms, can even be solved with the use of this.

Sometimes, midwives use black cohosh to stimulate labor, but this should not be performed without clearance from a certified health provider. If you’re an expecting woman who isn’t ready to give birth yet, you should take note that black cohosh side effects include things like stimulating the uterine, which might cause miscarriage. For those who have hormone-sensitive ailments like breast, ovary, or uterus cancer, you need to be much more watchful.

It’s not recommended to work with black cohosh excessively as it can cause visual disturbances and slow heartbeat. You can even get low blood pressure level if you are not mindful. If there is an excessive amount of black cohosh in your system, your liver may also be pressured. It’s the same as in whatever you work with; a lot is bad. For anyone who is buying black cohosh items, you’ll need to be sure that the refined product truly consists of black cohosh instead of other substances designed to replace it. Although this plant can ease stress and panic levels, you need to only use the best item that offers the suitable components, since wrong ones may possibly endanger your health.

Improve mental performance using Neurolink

All of us that our brains to be as clear as possible. The thing is that the difficulties we experience in daily life slow down your mind and make it go away. Whatever the condition that the head is in, you can exit the opposite side with a mind centered and effectiveness. The first thing is to make a decision that you want so much better. Now that you have done so, can think of tools on the market to ensure that you get back to where it should be.

If you are fighting depression, struggling with an addiction or just feeling the strain of life, it doesn’t matter. With all this happening in your mind that cannot focus on what you have accomplished in and always towards an optimistic mindset. However, using an all-natural supplement, such as Neurolink; You can open your mind sufficiently to move your car from prescribed medications and negative thoughts in a more constructive manner. That’s not all, though, it also works as a stand-alone supplement for those who fight against addictions including food cravings and alcoholism. Beating the cycle of negative thoughts and engaging models is half the fight. Is a great product to help you accomplish this goal.

The first step is to realize that at this time your mind is in a model of damage and you need to make the decision to actively end this pattern. Now it’s time to create a plan to get your mind back to a good place. For many, the first thing you will be admitting they have a problem. You have a new future in front of you, start running towards it today

The secret is that it’s not really necessary to change. You simply need to recognize what you already have. Your brain has unlimited potential, it is simply necessary to release it. Teaching yourself “How does your brain and things you can do to help maximize function is the most valuable training you will get. Sometimes, it is sufficient to simply realize that you have the power to change things. Just knowing this will open opportunities to improve. If you fight and you might not manage to improve. Accept new things and fresh obstacles.

The diet is one of the vital components in your mind to its full operating capacity. This can also result in a product like Tpin which can help the brain and neurological system functions. At the end of the day, even if you own a Porsche, it doesn’t work very well if you put cooking oil in the gas tank. It’s a simple decision to make paying more attention to what you put into your system, the final results can be surprising though.

As we discussed previously, the key is to recognize that you are wonderful and just let the person. You will find little strategies and lots of useful tools on the market that can help you realize your potential. Some of the best resources for getting to your potential are from NLP and dealing with the way they talk to you. That is not all it takes to focus on itself, we must also take into account everything that it is possible to feed your mind in terms of vitamins and minerals and the like. Have a variety of solutions and resources to change yourself is key.

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How to go about collecting information about how to remove skin tags Home remedies

Let us look at the top three ways in which you can get reliable information on how to remove skin tags at home. Will discuss how these methods will be able to help us retrieve information by removing skin tags we are desperate for. Of course we will also have a look at the pros and cons of each of these approaches so we’ll see what would be most suitable for us. Noteworthy is the fact that we are focusing our attention solely in ways (tried) where you can reliably get your skin tag removal information. We are aware that there are various other means for collecting out of information. But because these methods have not proven to be infallible, not included in our discussion.

Now the first of the top three ways in which you can get reliable information on how to remove skin tags at home is to talk with your dermatologist. A dermatologist is a doctor who specializes in treating skin diseases. Of course you can expect that your doctor suggest him skin to skin tags removal for you instead of showing you how you can do it yourself at home. May be able to persuade him to teach at the end if you insist on it. However, you may have to pay a hefty sum of money to consult with the dermatologist. But since the dermatologist will show you practical ways to go about it, you might not mind that much. This is important because we will be looking at other methods are purely theoretical. Apart from that, the dermatologist will also be able to give you directions on how to remove skin tags using some safety precautions.

Searching the Internet is the second way can arm yourself with information about how to remove skin tags at home. This specific question was discussed in a lot of articles that you can call when you go online. It would be almost as if you’re talking to a dermatologist, as most of these articles and quotations are written by them. However, some are from people who are not exactly experts in dermatology. That is a slight cloud over the presumed reliability of information from the internet. The reliability of information should be verified before making first. The main advantage of this approach is the low cost. Pretty much you have to spend practically nothing, since the information can be obtained easily and for free on the internet.

The library is also a good source of information about how you can remove the skin tags using home remedies. There are dozens of books on skin disorders that can be read and you will find many topics on removing skin tags on them a well. However, unlike the second method, that is searching the internet, this method would be fairly boring and take a relatively long time before obtaining the information you need. The language used may also prove to be too technical, it means that you don’t get a full benefit of information. On the plus side, the information contained in these books, often turns out to be very reliable, because the books on this topic are usually written by people who are considered as genuine ‘ authority ‘ in dermatology.

Meridians and Qi in Ayurvedic medicine

Today, when we say meridians, people immediately associate it with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). However, it was found that the concept also exists in Ayurvedic medicine.

What is the Ayurvedic medicine exactly?
Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient holistic healing system from India which is considered by experts as the oldest medical system in the world. According to this system, each person has their own energy model that combines its physical, mental and emotional.

Prana is the ayurvedic counterpart of qi in traditional Chinese medicine, which is considered as the vital energy of the body. Prana In Sanskrit, refers to the vital life. Similarly to how you define qi, prana couldn’t be identified as real substance. Rather, it is seen as a vibratory power that can be obtained through food, water and even breathe. In Ayurveda, the air and the way we breathe are considered as very vital to our health.

Meridians in TCM also have its counterpart in Ayurveda medicine. This ancient Indian healing method, the meridians are referred to as Nadi, which are classified into three subtypes, the ida, pingala and sushumna. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is believed that human beings to live through the flow of substances along the Nadi. To stay healthy and fit, should not be blocked the flow of energy or prana.

In the physical body, Nadi are said to be found in the respiratory system, nervous system, circulatory, digestive and other systems of the body. Whenever you experience blocking, some health conditions begin to occur. On the other hand, thin body, the Nadi says contain thoughts, nerve impulses and feelings. When it is locked the flow of prana, a person begins to encounter difficulties in communicating with its environment and you can also lose its connection to its self.

Define the three main Nadis
Susumna Nadi is the Sushumna or running along the center of the spine from the crown chakra through the base chakra. The lower end of the base chakra is closed, unless the Kundalini is awakened. Kundalini is said to be present in all humans regardless of their spiritual practice or religi & oacute; n.

The awakening of kundalini is the advancement of a person’s spirituality. The process can be fast or slow depending on the person, the yield and the practice. It is believed that most people haven’t experienced this phenomenon.

According to Ayurveda, the three main Nadis are meeting in Muladhara, which is also referred to as the Yukta Triveni which literally means “combined three streams”. The awakening of kundalini is usually represented by a snake coiled in three and a half circle at the bottom of the spine. The serpent tells cautioning of the central axis.

The Ida Nadi
On the other hand, ida nadi dominates the left side of the body. Responsible play in regulating the functions of the parasympathetic nervous system of the body, brain activity, as well as the processes of restoration and the rest of the body.

Ida is normally associated with being female. In fact, it is described as white and moon energy that promotes relaxation, healing, creativity and calm. If the Ida Nadi is dominant in a person’s body, an individual is more inclined to the arts like singing, Scripture or he can become an artist or a chef one day.

However, excessive dominance of the Ida Nadi is said to be associated with extreme depression, fatigue and introversion. This nadi is said to begin with the muladhara and ends with the left nostril.

The Pingala Nadi
This is the main NADIS which controls the right side of the body that is associated with the functions of the sympathetic nervous system of the body. As well as controlling a cerebral activity, pingala nadi is also responsible for the regulation of the fight-or-flight response of the body.

The dominance of pingala nadi of the body produces mathematical abilities and lawyers. To complete the nadi ida, pingala nadi is associated with masculinity. Is the setting sun is red and vitalizing. Pingala nadi says that dominate in us when we solve puzzles and sports.

Now that we have discussed the similarities between ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine in terms of presence of qi, prana, meridians or nadi, it shouldn’t be a surprise that acupuncture also has a counterpart in ayurveda. It’s called marmapuncture.

Minggu, 31 Maret 2013

You have Crohn 's-now what?

Have experienced severe cramps in your abdomen, blood in your stool, diarrhea and weight loss. Did you go to see your GP who could not figure out what the problem was so sent you a GI. After a battery of tests, CT scans, blood tests, colonoscopy, etc, the GI tells you that you have a form of inflammatory bowel disease called Crohn’s disease.

Crohn s what? The fear that you felt before was normal, your brain will move at about 100 miles an hour trying to put together everything that your doctor has just told you. Fear is common the first …I mean, a doctor just told you that you have a disease that there is no cure for. The bad news … you’ll probably be dealing with this the rest of your life. The good news … really isn’t so bad, you’re not going to die or anything!

So, now that we are beyond that part of fear and anxiety, lets try to make some sense of this Crohn’s disease. Overall, it feels like shit. You can lose weight, you may be tired all the time due to anemia, whenever you eat you find yourself having to use the bathroom immediately. All in all, things just flat out suck for you now. Most likely I’m on some medicines like Asacol, Pentasa, sulfasalazine and maybe even a corticosteroid such as Prednisone. If you’ve just started one or a combination of these drugs may be a couple of days before you realize that the benefits of them. The good news is that it will help, and you should see an ease in your early symptoms.

But what is the future? Life is going to be like this from now on? The pain will stop ever? Ever feel “normal” again? First off the future isn’t so bad … at least now you know what is wrong with you and you are being treated for it. More good news, many with experience long periods of remission in Crohn’s disease when symptoms disappear and life returns to the way that we knew before, but Crohn’s having to take medicine every day. It is not uncommon to get a couple of years in remission without an acute exacerbation of symptoms.

Once you’re in remission it is important to do a few things. Number one does not stop taking your meds!! Whatever you do is the most important thing that you continue taking all those meds all the time. These medicinal products are what you’ve achieved in remission and what keep in remission. If you stop, or often forget, then you can forget the forgiveness too. Secondly, at the first sign of a flare contact your GI. Let he or she know the symptoms you are experiencing and let them decide what should be the best course of action. Leaving the symptoms go too long without contacting your GI can result in a much more serious and flare you could bring to the operating room.

Worst case scenario in all this is that you end up having to have surgery to have parts of the small intestine or colon removed. Although surgery is serious and has a number of potential complications, you won’t have a choice. Surgery is a last resort. When there is no more meds or doctors can do for you and your body is at risk the doctor recommended surgery. Although scary, the result is usually positive and can lead to many years of symptom-free remission.

Knee pain to end

Knee pain is serious. Without freedom of movement in the knee feels like a cripple. We see ads all the time for painkillers, heat wraps and other temporary solutions for knee pain. I’m talking about bursitis or arthritis pain in this message.

Whenever we hurt our knees or any other town our bodies will be running the joint fluid. If your bodily fluids are saturated with inorganic minerals, these dead minerals accumulate in the joint. With inactivity a night that these minerals tend to clump together to form crystals.

These crystals are not smooth as a Pearl. They are jagged and sharp as broken glass, or worse. The crystals remain in the articulation and act like sandpaper.

Your body sends continuously more fluid the joint to melt the crystals and take them out of the vital domain.

The problem comes when the fluid sent to carry away the dead minerals, so is overloaded with minerals dead, this id can do nothing but leave behind. Thus the growing pain cycle continues.

Painkillers can dull the pain temporarily, but never can remove inorganic minerals that cause the problem. Medical schools should teach doctors how to delete these inorganic minerals. However, everything they do is teach your doctor as too administer painkillers. Or teaching them how to replace a joint. There is no money to remove the cause of knee pain.

Think About It. If you need to clean the mud off the floor, would dip the cloth in muddy water? He would not soak the cloth in clean water.

When we drink beverages loaded with inorganic minerals is like using a muddy rag to clean the mud off the floor. To ensure that your blood and lymph to be clean enough to remove inorganic minerals from joints, it is necessary to limit the sources of inorganic minerals in the blood.

There is no supplement that can do this. There is no magic potion that can make everything better. You must stop causing it. You have to take action.

I go into more detail in my course, but here is a brief summer where inorganic minerals that cause arthritis.

Cooking food or drinks, transforms organic (living) inorganic mineral ores (dead). If you eat or drink too much cooked food your body is loaded with inorganic minerals.

Water loaded with minerals is another source.

You must drink only pure water.

You have to eat mainly raw fruits or vegetables. Your calories should come from at least 75% fruits or vegetables.

I suffered for 13 years until I learned this. I changed my diet and lifestyle and within two months the pain was gone! Within two weeks I had a healing crisis. By the end of that crisis my pain was 90% gone.

If you change to 75% raw too fast might be a healing crisis. Which I will discuss in another lesson. Or you can take my health course. Is free of charge. Just enter my website.

Charles Snyder has suffered with arthritis and bursitis for 13 years before he learnded how to stop doing it. Within 2 months after he stopped because her arthritis went away. Has a free course on his website and a contact link if you want to talk to him.

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Causes of injury of shoulder Rotator

The rotator cuff consists of a group of muscle fibers that while very sharp, are, by nature, very weak. Because they work to allow free rotation and reaching overhead, these muscles are vulnerable to injuries of the shoulder rotator cuff injuries are associated with more sports and physical jobs.

If the fibers, fabrics, bursa and inflamed shoulder muscles and damaged or torn can cause severe injury of the rotator cuff. Lesions of the shoulder rotator cuff have some terms that are regularly associated with:

1. irritation and inflammation bursa is called bursitis. Bursa is a SAC filled with fluid that surrounds the muscles and tendons of the rotator cuff.

2. irritation and inflammation of the tendons of the shoulder is called Tendonitis.

3. When the tendon is squeezed and begins to rub the bone of scapula, irritation and possible tendon lacerations occurs and impingement is called.

4. as you age, football has a tendency to accumulate in the joints. This calcification in the articulation of the shoulder is called tendinitis tendinitis. This condition is also called a bone spur and can irritate the tendons surrounding the spur and possibly cause tears in the tendons.

Lesions of the shoulder rotator cuff can be caused by many things:

1. many times a sudden stress or injury to the shoulder may cause a tear tendons. A torn Rotator can be much smaller, or it can be a very important disadvantage.

2. age may be an important factor in shoulder injuries. Symptoms of Rotator cuff will be noticed more age because the tendons and muscles of the shoulder become weaker with age, increasing the likelihood that they will be injured or torn.

3. activities involving repetitive movements like reaching overhead can very easily strain the rotator cuff.

Aging and repetitive movements are the two biggest factors in impact. If shock is not dealt with, will eventually scar tissue to build up. Also begins the fray tendons, making them weak, leading to a great chance for injury.

How to stop excessive Underarm Sweating-stay in control

It’s a good feeling to be fresh, clean and dry, as when it feels good are lifted your spirit and your body and mind will benefit from this as you will feel positive. However, if you feel like you have wet patches under the arms that won’t go away and other people are aware of is not a good feeling.

If this happens to a person on a daily basis, you can begin to control their lives. Often people in this position will avoid doing certain things that they might enjoy just to avoid sweating even more. These people suffer from excessive sweating and often believe that there is very little that can be done about it and time to know how to stop excessive underarm sweating.

If this sounds all too familiar to you then you will undoubtedly find out about various home remedies to stop sweating. Quite a popular home remedy to reduce sweating is to drink fresh tomato juice, this juice is the most powerful if it is freshly grated and drunk immediately. This tomato juice should be consumed every day for seven days during which perspiration should begin to decrease after this initial tomato juice seven days should be drunk every other day in order to continue to be a boon.

Perhaps tomato juice is not for you and if this is the case you might want to try mixing baking soda and lemon juice, then soak a cotton wool swab in the mixture. This should then be dabbed under the arms and left until dry and this will act as an antiperspirant with a pleasant smell. As this is totally natural is a good choice for anyone can become irritated from the store bought antiperspirants that often can be hard enough.

Keep some knowledge about Alzheimer's disease

The term dementia refers to a disorder of the brain that it is shown in several ways. A person can easily become confused in familiar environments, can ask questions repeatedly or may overlook key things like their hygiene or safety problems. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia associated with old age.

The disease is named after Dr. German Alois Alzheimer. In 1906, Dr. Alzheimer found changes in brain tissue of a patient of his who died with unusual mental illness and dementia. His study led him to discover abnormal clumps and tangles of fibres in the brain of those patients who were suffering from this disease.

So while it was common for people who were older and lose their mental faculties to be dismissed as “senile”, Dr. Alzheimer’s was able to locate the actual distribution in the brain that led to the loss of their mental faculties.

According to the National Institute on Aging test different conclusions, there are actual brain changes in people with Alzheimer’s disease. Can discover how nerve cells die in areas of the brain that affect memory and basic skills. It may seem strange, but everything we do on a daily basis is due to memory.

Recall that we need to take a shower on a regular basis that we need to close the door behind us when he leaves the House. Don’t we realize that we are doing these things because of memory and assume that they just happen naturally. But when those memories to break because of Alzheimer’s disease or any other mental disorder, even the most basic daily functions begin to be confusing or overlooked.