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You have Crohn 's-now what?

Have experienced severe cramps in your abdomen, blood in your stool, diarrhea and weight loss. Did you go to see your GP who could not figure out what the problem was so sent you a GI. After a battery of tests, CT scans, blood tests, colonoscopy, etc, the GI tells you that you have a form of inflammatory bowel disease called Crohn’s disease.

Crohn s what? The fear that you felt before was normal, your brain will move at about 100 miles an hour trying to put together everything that your doctor has just told you. Fear is common the first …I mean, a doctor just told you that you have a disease that there is no cure for. The bad news … you’ll probably be dealing with this the rest of your life. The good news … really isn’t so bad, you’re not going to die or anything!

So, now that we are beyond that part of fear and anxiety, lets try to make some sense of this Crohn’s disease. Overall, it feels like shit. You can lose weight, you may be tired all the time due to anemia, whenever you eat you find yourself having to use the bathroom immediately. All in all, things just flat out suck for you now. Most likely I’m on some medicines like Asacol, Pentasa, sulfasalazine and maybe even a corticosteroid such as Prednisone. If you’ve just started one or a combination of these drugs may be a couple of days before you realize that the benefits of them. The good news is that it will help, and you should see an ease in your early symptoms.

But what is the future? Life is going to be like this from now on? The pain will stop ever? Ever feel “normal” again? First off the future isn’t so bad … at least now you know what is wrong with you and you are being treated for it. More good news, many with experience long periods of remission in Crohn’s disease when symptoms disappear and life returns to the way that we knew before, but Crohn’s having to take medicine every day. It is not uncommon to get a couple of years in remission without an acute exacerbation of symptoms.

Once you’re in remission it is important to do a few things. Number one does not stop taking your meds!! Whatever you do is the most important thing that you continue taking all those meds all the time. These medicinal products are what you’ve achieved in remission and what keep in remission. If you stop, or often forget, then you can forget the forgiveness too. Secondly, at the first sign of a flare contact your GI. Let he or she know the symptoms you are experiencing and let them decide what should be the best course of action. Leaving the symptoms go too long without contacting your GI can result in a much more serious and flare you could bring to the operating room.

Worst case scenario in all this is that you end up having to have surgery to have parts of the small intestine or colon removed. Although surgery is serious and has a number of potential complications, you won’t have a choice. Surgery is a last resort. When there is no more meds or doctors can do for you and your body is at risk the doctor recommended surgery. Although scary, the result is usually positive and can lead to many years of symptom-free remission.

Knee pain to end

Knee pain is serious. Without freedom of movement in the knee feels like a cripple. We see ads all the time for painkillers, heat wraps and other temporary solutions for knee pain. I’m talking about bursitis or arthritis pain in this message.

Whenever we hurt our knees or any other town our bodies will be running the joint fluid. If your bodily fluids are saturated with inorganic minerals, these dead minerals accumulate in the joint. With inactivity a night that these minerals tend to clump together to form crystals.

These crystals are not smooth as a Pearl. They are jagged and sharp as broken glass, or worse. The crystals remain in the articulation and act like sandpaper.

Your body sends continuously more fluid the joint to melt the crystals and take them out of the vital domain.

The problem comes when the fluid sent to carry away the dead minerals, so is overloaded with minerals dead, this id can do nothing but leave behind. Thus the growing pain cycle continues.

Painkillers can dull the pain temporarily, but never can remove inorganic minerals that cause the problem. Medical schools should teach doctors how to delete these inorganic minerals. However, everything they do is teach your doctor as too administer painkillers. Or teaching them how to replace a joint. There is no money to remove the cause of knee pain.

Think About It. If you need to clean the mud off the floor, would dip the cloth in muddy water? He would not soak the cloth in clean water.

When we drink beverages loaded with inorganic minerals is like using a muddy rag to clean the mud off the floor. To ensure that your blood and lymph to be clean enough to remove inorganic minerals from joints, it is necessary to limit the sources of inorganic minerals in the blood.

There is no supplement that can do this. There is no magic potion that can make everything better. You must stop causing it. You have to take action.

I go into more detail in my course, but here is a brief summer where inorganic minerals that cause arthritis.

Cooking food or drinks, transforms organic (living) inorganic mineral ores (dead). If you eat or drink too much cooked food your body is loaded with inorganic minerals.

Water loaded with minerals is another source.

You must drink only pure water.

You have to eat mainly raw fruits or vegetables. Your calories should come from at least 75% fruits or vegetables.

I suffered for 13 years until I learned this. I changed my diet and lifestyle and within two months the pain was gone! Within two weeks I had a healing crisis. By the end of that crisis my pain was 90% gone.

If you change to 75% raw too fast might be a healing crisis. Which I will discuss in another lesson. Or you can take my health course. Is free of charge. Just enter my website.

Charles Snyder has suffered with arthritis and bursitis for 13 years before he learnded how to stop doing it. Within 2 months after he stopped because her arthritis went away. Has a free course on his website and a contact link if you want to talk to him.

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Causes of injury of shoulder Rotator

The rotator cuff consists of a group of muscle fibers that while very sharp, are, by nature, very weak. Because they work to allow free rotation and reaching overhead, these muscles are vulnerable to injuries of the shoulder rotator cuff injuries are associated with more sports and physical jobs.

If the fibers, fabrics, bursa and inflamed shoulder muscles and damaged or torn can cause severe injury of the rotator cuff. Lesions of the shoulder rotator cuff have some terms that are regularly associated with:

1. irritation and inflammation bursa is called bursitis. Bursa is a SAC filled with fluid that surrounds the muscles and tendons of the rotator cuff.

2. irritation and inflammation of the tendons of the shoulder is called Tendonitis.

3. When the tendon is squeezed and begins to rub the bone of scapula, irritation and possible tendon lacerations occurs and impingement is called.

4. as you age, football has a tendency to accumulate in the joints. This calcification in the articulation of the shoulder is called tendinitis tendinitis. This condition is also called a bone spur and can irritate the tendons surrounding the spur and possibly cause tears in the tendons.

Lesions of the shoulder rotator cuff can be caused by many things:

1. many times a sudden stress or injury to the shoulder may cause a tear tendons. A torn Rotator can be much smaller, or it can be a very important disadvantage.

2. age may be an important factor in shoulder injuries. Symptoms of Rotator cuff will be noticed more age because the tendons and muscles of the shoulder become weaker with age, increasing the likelihood that they will be injured or torn.

3. activities involving repetitive movements like reaching overhead can very easily strain the rotator cuff.

Aging and repetitive movements are the two biggest factors in impact. If shock is not dealt with, will eventually scar tissue to build up. Also begins the fray tendons, making them weak, leading to a great chance for injury.

How to stop excessive Underarm Sweating-stay in control

It’s a good feeling to be fresh, clean and dry, as when it feels good are lifted your spirit and your body and mind will benefit from this as you will feel positive. However, if you feel like you have wet patches under the arms that won’t go away and other people are aware of is not a good feeling.

If this happens to a person on a daily basis, you can begin to control their lives. Often people in this position will avoid doing certain things that they might enjoy just to avoid sweating even more. These people suffer from excessive sweating and often believe that there is very little that can be done about it and time to know how to stop excessive underarm sweating.

If this sounds all too familiar to you then you will undoubtedly find out about various home remedies to stop sweating. Quite a popular home remedy to reduce sweating is to drink fresh tomato juice, this juice is the most powerful if it is freshly grated and drunk immediately. This tomato juice should be consumed every day for seven days during which perspiration should begin to decrease after this initial tomato juice seven days should be drunk every other day in order to continue to be a boon.

Perhaps tomato juice is not for you and if this is the case you might want to try mixing baking soda and lemon juice, then soak a cotton wool swab in the mixture. This should then be dabbed under the arms and left until dry and this will act as an antiperspirant with a pleasant smell. As this is totally natural is a good choice for anyone can become irritated from the store bought antiperspirants that often can be hard enough.

Keep some knowledge about Alzheimer's disease

The term dementia refers to a disorder of the brain that it is shown in several ways. A person can easily become confused in familiar environments, can ask questions repeatedly or may overlook key things like their hygiene or safety problems. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia associated with old age.

The disease is named after Dr. German Alois Alzheimer. In 1906, Dr. Alzheimer found changes in brain tissue of a patient of his who died with unusual mental illness and dementia. His study led him to discover abnormal clumps and tangles of fibres in the brain of those patients who were suffering from this disease.

So while it was common for people who were older and lose their mental faculties to be dismissed as “senile”, Dr. Alzheimer’s was able to locate the actual distribution in the brain that led to the loss of their mental faculties.

According to the National Institute on Aging test different conclusions, there are actual brain changes in people with Alzheimer’s disease. Can discover how nerve cells die in areas of the brain that affect memory and basic skills. It may seem strange, but everything we do on a daily basis is due to memory.

Recall that we need to take a shower on a regular basis that we need to close the door behind us when he leaves the House. Don’t we realize that we are doing these things because of memory and assume that they just happen naturally. But when those memories to break because of Alzheimer’s disease or any other mental disorder, even the most basic daily functions begin to be confusing or overlooked.